Third Grade Planting Season

Third Grade Planting Season

Third Grade Planting Season

Third Grade Planting Season


Third Grade: Erin’s Law 2021

Erin’s Law: The State of Illinois mandates that children in grades pre-kindergarten through high school be educated on the topics of child sexual abuse, awareness, and prevention. The week of April 12th, third grade classes will be participating in a social-worker-led awareness program on this topic. Our social workers, Talia Nathan and Anum Zafar, will be visiting each classroom to address the topic in an age-appropriate manner for our 3rd grade students. Our teachers and... More

Picture Day: April 13

Smile! Our West School Picture Day has been scheduled for Tuesday, April 13. Our photographer, Color Portraits, will take portrait photos only. Prepaid Ordering Information This year the class group photos will consist of a composite of the individual portraits. The portrait photo will be a quick mask-off with ample distancing to ensure safety. More information will be forthcoming regarding picture day. Remote students can come in at 08:00 to have their picture taken. Please... More

Science: Pollinating Bees and Owl Pellets

Hands-on learning in science class last week! Students in third grade studied plants and pollinators. They designed and created a bee model using a variety of materials.  Students learned to identify the parts of a honeybee and describe the structure and function of each part. In fourth grade, students have learned about the human machine! Starting with an examination of owls and how they hunt. Students investigated how all bodies work as a system.  This week, fourth... More

Preparing for a New Start

So much has been said about this COVID school year, and so much preparing has gone into making our hybrid learning all that it has been. Now, as we prepare to welcome our students back to full-day learning, the planning and preparation continues. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you and your children prepare for this change too:
Start of Day:
1. First bell will be at 08:35 with the second bell ringing... More

West School Carline Procedures 2020-21

Welcome to a new start of a full-day at West School: ARRIVE AT 08:35 and avoid the morning wait! Students have been taught to enter and exit cars on the curbside. For the West School Car Line, this means that students will enter and exit cars on the driver’s side of the car, which will be the curbside. Please be mindful of our neighbors living along the car line on Apple Tree Lane and Cherry Tree... More