Go Green - Stay Green at Home Photo

Go Green - Stay Green at Home

Westies - want some ideas how to practice “being green” at home? Please check the CLC e-learning page, where you will find a Steam challenge, green tips, Earth Day information and art projects.

March 9th Green Club Photo

March 9th Green Club

Thanks to the an ongoing district collection, Green Club was able to assemble 75 Hygiene Kits to donate. If you are traveling this spring break, please consider collecting mini bottles of shampoo, soap, etc. from your travels. Your donation to The Night Ministry helps to provides medical, psychological and non-denominational pastoral services for people struggling with chronic homeless and food insecurity. Also, many dental offices give away toothbrushes and sample size toothpastes which are much needed. Please send your donations to any school office.

February 3rd Green Club Photo

February 3rd Green Club

This morning we made Valentine decorations and gifts from recycled materials-It’s the green way to go!

January 13th Green Club  Photo

January 13th Green Club

Today we recycled our lunch milk cartons into bird feeder/shelters for small birds like finches and sparrows.

Please protect children & the planet Photo

Please protect children & the planet

The Central School Green Team would like to remind those who drive their children to school to be considerate and prevent idling as much as possible.

Please click here for more information. 

Green Your Holidays Photo

Green Your Holidays

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rejoice! The holidays are special, but this year’s festivities don’t have to negatively impact our environment. There are a number of measures that all of us can take to lessen the amount of trash we produce.

Please click here for holiday tips.

December 9th Green Club Photo

December 9th Green Club

This morning students recycled both magazines and glass jars to create beautiful holiday gifts.

November 11th Green Club Photo

November 11th Green Club

The Green Club is always looking for ways to recycle, repurpose, and reuse items that may normally be discarded. As a combined opportunity for civic engagement and to repurpose, the Green Club collected travel size toiletries like shampoo/conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrushes and lotion.  At the meeting, we assembled 100 hygiene kits to donate to Night Ministry. Thank you to everyone who donated to this project. Toiletries, plastic bags, batteries and printer cartridges collection bins are in the Green Corner in West’s front hallway.

Tips for a Green Thanksgiving Photo

Tips for a Green Thanksgiving

1. Use reusable dinnerware, glasses & napkins
2. Purchase local and organic foods when possible.
3. Turn down the heat. If all your holiday cooking doesn’t heat up your house, your guests will.

4. Decorate with nature. Forget the petroleum-based plastic and synthetic decorations and adorn your table with natural and homemade festive decor.

5. Compost your kitchen scraps.

6. Recycle on Thanksgiving and every day!

November 4th Green Club Photo

November 4th Green Club

We took advantage of the nice weather and planted fall bulbs for a beautiful spring display!

Pumpkin Smash & Compost Event Photo

Pumpkin Smash & Compost Event

Saturday, November 2nd from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

The Glencoe Community Garden (380 Old Green Bay Road) will be hosting their second annual pumpkin smash event! Community members are invited to bring their pumpkins to the garden to be smashed and composted. Support our community and our planet with your participation at this free event!

October 28th Green Club Photo

October 28th Green Club

Students upcycled their T-shirts and made reusable Trick or Treat bags for Halloween. A big Thank You to Mrs. Durkes for assisting club members at the sewing machine!

Green Halloween Photo

Green Halloween

Tips For a Great, “Green” Halloween!
1. Make your own costume from things around the house.
2. Purchase non-toxic or hypoallergenic cosmetics.
3. Trade costumes with a friend, start a “costume closet” to share.
4. Buy treats with minimal packaging - or give pencils, erasers or money.
5. Use a reusable Trick or Treat bag or pillowcase.
6. Don’t be a litter bug.
7. Stay local to trick-or-treat, bike, wagon or carpool.
8. Use rechargeable batteries in your flashlight for trick-or-treating.
9. Don’t throw away the pumpkin seeds - bake and eat, or feed the birds.
10. Compost your old pumpkins.
11. Keep Halloween decorations so you don’t need to repurchase .
12. If you are hosting a Halloween party, use reusable dishes, tableware, cups napkins, etc. Serve from a pitcher instead of individual bottles and cans.

October 7th Green Club  Photo

October 7th Green Club

Did you know that an aluminum can can go from your recycle bin and back to the store shelves in 60 days? Today not only did we talk about recycling, but turned our cans into fun Halloween lanterns.

First Green Club Meeting Photo

First Green Club Meeting

Green Club members learned what can and can not be recycled in Glencoe. We also watched a video that showed how paper, glass and plastic are processed at the recycling center. We tested our knowledge by playing a fun recycling relay team game.
To watch the video click here

Please Help Photo

Please Help

As we begin the holiday season, it is also a time when our thoughts go to those for whom the last year has brought hard times. As a combined opportunity for service learning and to practice reusing, the Green Team is collecting travel size toiletries like shampoo, soap and lotion. So if you recently returned from a trip and have these around the house- please consider donating them. A collection bin will be in West School’s Green Corner.

Lunchroom Composting Photo

Lunchroom Composting

The Green Team is excited that West School has been chosen to pilot a new composting program for the district.  Lunchroom food scraps will be picked up weekly by Collective Resource, inc.  and will become ​a nutrient-rich soil amendment. West School students have been composting for many years using Green Cone Digesters and a traditional compost bin. The addition of a service will greatly increase the volume of compost, especially in the winter. In addition to all food products, we will now be able to add napkins, compostable utensils, and other paper products. Go Green!

Plastic Recycling Photo

Plastic Recycling

As usual West School participated in the Trex Challenge. Students learned about plastic film and bag recycling. West students collected 866 pounds of plastic between last November and April. That’s a lot of plastic saved from the landfills! Trex collection bins are in the lunchrooms and hallways of West School.

Green Club Recycles Plastic Photo

Green Club Recycles Plastic

West School’s Trex recycling boxes were overflowing, so on October 17th, the Green Club got busy collecting and counting plastic bags. We also learned about bringing reusable bags when shopping to cut down on plastic bag use. Today we collected 9,600 bags! So far Mrs. Juozaitis’ class has recycled the most.  That’s a lot of plastic saved from the landfills. Go Green!

West’s Green Lunchroom Photo

West’s Green Lunchroom

What are Green Guides? Green Guides are the name for our students that help with recycling and composting. Each week three 3rd grade and three 4th grade students are chosen to man our three recycling stations. All students learn to separate trash, compost and recyclable items on their lunch trays and deposit them in the correct containers.  Our student Green Guides help with this effort as students go through the station. Students bringing lunch from home are encouraged to pack lunches in reusable containers and lunch bags. We hope students will develop lifelong green habits and practice them at home.

Plastic Bag Recycling  Photo

Plastic Bag Recycling

For the seventh year, West School has joined the Trex Plastic Bag Recycling Challenge. Students wil learn the importance of plastic recycling and keeping plastic out of the landfills. Plastic that is ordinarily not part of Glencoe’s recycle program will be collected in classrooms and the Lunch Room. The bags will be sent to the Trex company where they are made into building materials and home products. The school that collects the most bags will win a bench made out of the recycled plastic. We have won the Chicago area Challenge twice and second place twice!  What a great way to help the environment! Look at our video section to see what exactly what can be recycled and how Trex transforms the plastic.

Going Green around West Photo

Going Green around West

Check out the Green Corner in the front passageway to learn about all things Green at West School. In the Corner are recycling bins for batteries, printer cartridges, and plastic shopping bags. All classrooms are equipped with recycle bins, Plastic Bag Recycling boxes and “be nice use it twice” paper containers. These hold paper that is only used on one side. Students will use the other side and then recycle the paper in order to reduce our paper use and save trees. We look forward to our greenest year yet!

Westies - Join the Green Team!  Photo

Westies - Join the Green Team!

The West School Green Club meets at 8:00 am on a Monday. Session 1 dates are 9/23, 10/7, 10/28, 11/4, 11/18, 12/9. Session 2 dates are 1/13, 2/3, 3/9, 4/6, 4/27, 5/4.
The Green Team works to promote appreciation of the environment, to cultivate and implement ideas to reduce waste, and to encourage students to make good choices that help reduce the carbon footprint of West School. With the goal of developing awareness and understanding of the importance of recycling, the club members will participate in a number of projects. These projects tie into the 4th grade study of ecosystems and 3rd grade study of the prairie. The Glencoe PTO has generously funded this club. Questions? Contact Mrs. Salzman

Green Team

Please make yourself at home on our website and be sure to click on the Gallery tab at the top of the page.  We will be featuring green news, and photos from the Go Green Club, the lunchroom, and classrooms.