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Social Work Services West

Welcome to the Social Work Corner!  Social Work support at West is available to all third and fourth grade students who may be struggling with social or emotional issues that are impacting their academic success. 

Difficulties may include:

-Friendship Concerns
-Family Stress (moving, divorce, loss, etc.)
-Anger Management
-Social Language
-Maintaining Attention and Focus

Students may be referred for social work support by their parents, teachers, principals, or themselves!  Social work support may take place in many different forms: individual, pairs, small groups, large group, or full classroom lessons. 

There are a variety of groups available at West to help support students’ social and emotional needs.  These groups include:

*Family Support Group
*Friendship Group
*Social Language Group
*New Student Group
*Friends with Allergies Group

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns!