Saturday, January 19, 2019

Coding in District 35

Learning the fundamentals of coding can provide our children with practice in:

- Logical thinking
- Problem solving
- Persistence
- Collaboration
- Communication

Consider those skills. Whether your child grows up to be a coding whiz or not, the skills in practice translate to fundamental skills across any career.  Within District 35, we are pleased to provide all students with an intentional and progressive experience with coding.

During December, Kindergarten students programed the sun to set on the app Scratch Jr. and our first graders logged into Puppy Adventure, where they had to code Pixel the Puppy to get home by following the path and avoiding obstacles.  Our second graders experienced coding with SpriteBox. The children learned to sequence commands, change parameters, and use simple to complex loops to solve problems.


West School students participated in the Hour of Code activities as an introduction to computer science, designed to demystify code and show that anybody can learn the basics.  During library class, students were given an introduction to computer programming and work with a variety of tools as they learn more about coding.  Please click here for more coding resources.


Our CLC at Central was completely transformed to celebrate the Hour of Code onDecember 21st and 22nd.  Several stations were set up that included the opportunity for students to write code for a robot’s movement and the creation of a 3d printing product.  Another station allowed students to use binary code to make bracelets that translate to a student’s name.  Be sure to ask your Central student to share what they learned while engaging in coding.  Within Central, there remain several ongoing opportunities for our students to engage in coding. Be sure to watch for the elective rotations in the Creativity Lab or the before school options with Spartan Tech Team.


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