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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Crawford Learning Center


Welcome Back to West!

Hello, I’m Mrs. Kelly, your CLC Director at West School!  I’m so excited to be your school librarian this year.  I hope that you had a great summer!  The CLC has been remodeled, the books are on the shelf, and I’m so happy to teach in our new learning space.  This summer, I took many walks with my dog, Frankie. I worked really hard in my garden and read a whole bunch of books.  My favorite was The Last Human by Lee bacon.  I’ll tell you all about it when I see you in class.  I can’t wait to meet you all and begin this new adventure together.  See you soon!

Hi Westies! I’m Mrs. Salzman,  your CLC Teacher Associate. Welcome back to school. I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing summer break. I spent a lot of time this summer taking long walks with my dog Fletcher. I started a new vegetable garden, and am harvesting lots of tomatoes.  I also rode my bike almost every day, and am continuing this by riding to school. I am looking forward to meeting you and helping you check out your favorite books!