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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

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Digital Citizenship


March 2020

This week in CLC, 3rd and 4th-grade students are taking part in an Internet Safety lesson on how to identify and cope with cyberbullying. Students will learn that cyberbullying is using the Internet or other electronic tools to harass, threaten, embarrass, or spread rumors about another person.

Students are taught to stop, block and tell if they are the target of a cyberbully.
Stop! Do not engage a cyberbully.
Block! If possible, block the cyberbully from your "buddies" list.
Tell! Tell a trusted adult if you are the target of a cyberbully.

Resources for Students and Parents

Stand up to Cyberbullying


National Crime Prevention Council

Digital Citizenship Newsletter

Digital Citizenship

December 2019

This week in CLC, third and fourth-grade students will learn what it means to be a digital citizen. A digital citizen is a member of a worldwide community linked by the Internet. Students will learn that a good digital citizen is someone who:

Communicates responsible and kindly with others.
Protects their own and others' private information.
Stands up to cyberbullying.
Respect each other's ideas and opinions.
Gives proper credit when using other's work.
Talks to a parent or another trusted adult when they have questions about the things they see or do online.

Please read the Digital Citizenship newsletter for more information and resources.

Private Identity Information

Digital Citizenship
September 2019

This week in CLC, students have been taught to ask for permission from parents before giving out private identity information online. Private identity information includes:
Full (first and last) name
Street Address
Name of School
Email Address
Phone Numbers

Resources for Students and Parents

Common Sense Media: Privacy and Internet Safety

Stay Safe Online: Managing your Privacy

September Newsletter
Digital Citizenship- Personal Identity Information

Internet Safety

As specified under Illinois School Code, all school districts must incorporate Internet Safety lessons in the curriculum. At West School our Internet Safety curriculum includes:
Powerful Passwords
Keeping our Private Information Safe
Digital Citizenship
Webpage Evaluation