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Thursday, May 23, 2019


Extracurricular Activities

Chorus Club

Children at West School have an opportunity to participate in our school chorus.  All third and fourth graders are invited to work together to perform the many diverse musical selections as taught by Ms. Porretta. Sessions meet at 8:00AM on Wednesday in the music room.  Students perform concerts for the school and for the community. There are two sessions for the West School Chorus Club: first semester and second semester. Sign-up is required and will be done on-line through our West School web page.The Glencoe PTO has generously funded this club.

Computer Lab

The Computer Lab is open for students from 8:00AM to 8:35AM, Monday through Friday. Students may use the lab facilities to work on homework, complete technology projects and practice keyboarding skills. A supervisor is present in the lab to assist students with their projects.

Girl Talk

This all-girl program, which is led by our social worker, will focus on the unique challenges
and experiences of being a third and fourth grade girl. Students will work on team building and listening
skills as well as the art of expressing emotions. Another after school program that is sponsored by the PTO.

Homework Club

This PTO sponsored after school program is offered on Tuesday and Thursday after school from 3:15 - 4:00 in the West School Library. Supervision is provided for students to complete their homework or to work on projects. General education teachers will be consulted by the program’s supervisors for direction and instruction on specific topics as they arise. This is a safe place for students to ask questions and to be monitored as they work either independently or in small groups.

Sign Language Club

Sign Language Club is an after school group that will meet from 3:15 - 4:00. Students will learn how to communicate by using their hands and expressions in this nonverbal form of communication. This is another PTO sponsored program.

West School Goes Green

This club is open to third and fourth grade students. With the goal of developing awareness and understanding of the importance of recycling, the club members will participate in a number of projects. These projects tie into the 4th grade study of ecosystems and 3rd grade study of the prairie. The Glencoe PTO has generously funded this club.