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Sunday, March 7, 2021

Carline Patience

Safety First!
Please use extra caution when sending your children to school in the morning.
Walkers: The sidewalks may or may not be cleared. The intersections and driveways have large piles of snow making it difficult to see cars on the move. Please talk to your children about taking extra care when walking past driveways and crossing at intersections.
Carline: Please be patient. When dropping off, make sure that your passenger has exited safely and is on the sidewalk before pulling forward. We are expecting the car line to be lengthy and slow for pick-up. You can help us by moving cautiously through our car line. Make sure that your passengers are inside the car with the door closed before pulling out to move forward. Safety of the children is goal one.
Reminders: During drop-off/arrival…students may exit the car when the first bell rings at 08:35.