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Saturday, March 28, 2020

E-Learning March 16 - 20

West School Parents,

Hopefully everyone has been made aware of our closing and of the implementation of e-learning for the this week. The situation will be reassessed on March 25 and more guidance will be forthcoming at that point.

Our West School General Education teachers have been working this weekend to get Google Classroom up and running. Each teacher has, or will, be communicating with you and your child on how the at home learning will unfold. Activity teachers and special area/education teachers will be moving in the same direction.

The building will be closed until further notice. All staff will be working from home during this change. It is a new challenge. Things will look different. Please reach out to your teachers with any questions that may arise regarding the lessons that are being posted. If you need/want to contact me, I will have access to the phone messages and e-mail as we head down this new path. Having your children at home will have its own challenges. Patience will prevail. Our children will look to the adults for guidance and modeling on how to handle this new way of living.

We will continue to post news on the District and West School page, or we will send communication through e-mail. Thank you in advance for your support and understanding as we work to make the best of the current situation.

David Rongey