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Monday, October 19, 2020

Growth Through Mindfulness week of October 12

What your child learned last week:
● Introduced Mindful Communication which includes Mindful Listening.
● Mindful Listening: to be a better listener takes practice, so we practiced listening to the
mindfulness bell, to the sounds in the room, and our own breathing. We do this as a mindfulness practice, but it relates to how we focus better and choose more wisely in our daily lives when we listen mindfully during conversation.
● The NBD concept became NOTICE: if your monkey mind is busy and jumping around (on computer or phone or daydreaming). BREATHE: and be here now for this conversation. DECIDE: to listen with your wise owl ears.
● Learned you can listen at 500 words per minute, but most people speak at 250. This leaves a lot of brain power for distraction.
● Mindful listening leads to compassion. As we tune in and really try to understand and relate, we appreciate others in an entirely new way.
● Enjoyed a Mindful Sit based on the “Just as I do” concept as follows: This person suffers emotional pain just as I do. This person wants to be understood, just as I do. This person wants to be appreciated just as I do.
Join your child in our Mindfulness Challenge of the week:
TRY using the NBD practice as it relates to communication. Maybe breathe to help you focus as you listen. Or, try this experiment. When a parent/family member calls your name or wants to talk, put your phone down, or turn off your video game, walk up to him/her, take his/her hands, look them in the eye and say, “Yes, I’m listening.” We think you are going to get such a response! Do it as an experiment! The very first time you give your full attention to someone, you are sure to notice instant softening, openness, and connection.
Have an amazing Mindful week!
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