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Friday, November 16, 2018

On the Horizon at West

Mark Your Calendar:
The following are important dates pertaining to West School activities and events:

November 21 - 23: Thanksgiving Break
December 3: Second Semester PTO Club Preview
December 3 - 4: Music Week at West
December 10: Fourth Grade Cultural Arts: Sones de Mexico
December 11, 12, 13: Third Grade History Museum
December 12: Registration for Second Semester PTO Clubs at 7:30 am
December 13: Chorus Club Concert at Misner 6:30pm
December 14: Club Registration Closes at 4pm
December 19: Chorus Club Field Trip
December 21: Skate at Watts

Read more about these West School events by regularly visiting our school web page: West School Web Page. We will keep the West School Calendar current.