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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Silent Auction West School Fair

West School Fair Silent Auction and Raffle: The West School Staff will host their annual silent auction and raffle to raise funds for Tails of Hope, the no-kill animal shelter in Highland Park.  This auction and raffle will take place during our annual West School Fair and American Road Trip on Friday, October 19, from 5:30 - 7:00. The following list of “silent auction” items that will be up for bid:
1. Join Mrs. DeHorn for a manicure.
2. Have lunch with 2 friends with Mrs. Juozaitis
3. Art project of your choice with Mrs. Shadel and three friends
4. Join Mrs. Doherty and a friend for a manicure
5. Join Mrs. Berkoff for a manicure at Bien Assorti
6. Lunch with a friend and Mrs. Berkoff in the classroom
7. Vinyl sticker making with Mrs. Morris.
8. You and three friends will bake your favorite dessert with Mrs. Dowling .
9. You and five friends join Mrs. Chusin and Mrs. Burgos to bake and play board games
10. One hour of after school sports with Mr. Sarubbi and Mr. Johnson and 10-12 of your friends.
11. Design your own t-shirt with Ms. Spagnoli and a friend
12. You and three friends join Nurse Hoyt for an after school trip to Starbucks
13. Join Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Salzman at the Book Stall in Winnetka to choose a book an have a treat
14.  Join Dr. Shapiro for a manicure at Bien Assorti
15. Join Mrs. Gavenda for a manicure at Bien Assorti
16. Lunch with a friend and Dr. Shapiro in the classroom

Raffle Items Include: ($1.00 per ticket)
West School Office Assistant for the Day (raffle item)
Principal for an Hour (raffle item)

The Silent Auction will be located in the conference room and only grown-ups will participate. The Raffle will be located at the check-in desk outside of the front office.