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Friday, May 27, 2022

Car Line Reminders

Please see the important information below with reminders about our car line.
Please enter the car line from Forestway Drive by turning west on Apple Tree Lane and then north (right) on Cherry Tree, and then east (right) onto Willow Tree Lane.
Students exit and enter your vehicle from the driver’s side of the car, closest to the curb.
Please be mindful of our neighbors living along the car line on Apple Tree Lane and Cherry Tree Lane. Avoid blocking driveways along the car line route as you wait for the line to move forward.
Be mindful of children crossing at the intersections as they walk/bike to school in the morning, or home in the afternoon      
Please follow the instructions of the car line staff. Follow the car in front of you and pull all the way up to the front of the carline
Stopping short slows down the entire car line process.
Above all, please remain patient when waiting to pick up children. Safety is first.