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Student Activities

Extracurricular Activities

Before School Sports

Before School Sports is a program that promotes exercise and fun while maintaining good sportsmanship. Before School Sports will give students an opportunity to wake up and get their bodies moving. We will play games and activities that students are familiar with and enjoy. This will be a fun way for students to start their morning (registration is required).

Coding and Robotics

The Coding and Robotics Club is back! You will have an opportunity to explore three coding robots: Sphero Bolt, Ozobot, and Dash, as well as circuits, logic coding games, and Little Bits. Sharpen your skills in sequencing, problem-solving, logic, creativity, and communication (registration is required).

Garden Club

The West School Garden Club is an inclusive club for all types of learners. Each week will feature an activity related to horticulture and we will explore how growing vegetables, flowers, and plants can improve our overall health and happiness. This club will provide an opportunity for students to deepen their understanding of how food and agriculture are related to STEAM, as well as exposure to different avenues of gardening, including the importance of urban gardening. The club will offer students a structured yet relaxed atmosphere to engage with peers (registration is required).

Innovation Club

The Innovation Club will teach students to tinker, explore STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) concepts, examine computer programming, and more. Students will design and engineer with hands-on projects using unconventional materials, as well as using their iPads. This is a great club for students that want to roll up their sleeves and get to work (registration is required)!

Musical Theater Club

Are you destined for the screen, stage or microphone? Come express your talents in this exciting performance group. Here we will learn acting techniques, improve our singing voices and dance our way to stardom. There will be a performance of our show towards the end of our fall session. Come share your talents with West School (Registration is required).

Student Council

This is an optional opportunity for third and fourth grade students to get involved in the West School community. Students will help improve our school community while learning about student voice. We will collect applications and two representatives from each classroom will be selected to join Student Council.

West Celebrates Diversity

West Celebrates Diversity will build students’ knowledge of diverse perspectives and cultural awareness. We will build on student voices to learn together and engage in activities. This will also be a safe space for students to talk about their identities and questions they have about diversity (registration is required).